Sept. 27 Moves

Suppling 5 men for local business move in Santa Barbara  with a local tractor and trailer

Supling a 2 crew to pick up 5200 lbs in Oxnard and bring back to Ventura on a local bobtail

Suppling 2 men for State of California Employee move with a local bobtail

Suppling 2 men for a local business move within Ventura on our international bobtail

Suppling a 2 man crew for local move within Ventura with the local pack van

Suppling a 2 man crew to pack and pick up 500 lbs in Thousand Oaks for a military  move with the local pack

Suppling a 4 man crew to pack 13,000 lbs in Ventura for a Military member with our local pick up truck

Suppling a 5 man crew for a local move from Calabasas to Los Angeles in our local tractor and trailer

Suppling two men with forklift certification for a local business move

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